Racetrack Design Services


We provide design, engineering, architectual and mep services in-house without any interface losses. 

Our CIVIL ENGINEERING department merges highly technical and traditional know-how together to ensure the best design results. Our engineers opt to create a unique and challenging driving experience integrated into the existing topography, while accounting for all the safety related aspects to a circuit. The design works cover the following subjects, however not limited to: earthworks, road construction, drainage, sewerage, safety installations, infrastructure, civil structures.        

Your vision is a reflection of our architectural intent. The extensive efforts and passion we put in our research and studies form the framework for unique and individual ARCHITECTURE. We are commited to making your venture the next place-making destination with that special feeling to go with it. We offer design documents to all buildings and facilities depicted in our master plans.

With the MEP department, we showcase yet another vital link in our company‘s philosophy to provide you with one-step-consultancy. Our staff is highly qualified and capable for detailed planning and consultancy tasks in the following trades: electrical, lighting / lighting control, mechanical, plumbing, active and passive fire protection, telecommunications/networking, building management systems.


At Tilke, our understanding is that truly sophisticated design can only be achieved when all the interdisciplinary planning inputs are symbiotically integrated. This is especially the case when looking at the strong design interrelationships between civil engineering, architecture, mep and race electronics. This is why we have the policy: all essential design entities from one source. Keeping the various design discplines in-house means optimized colloboration and less redundancy.            

Every project has a unique selling proposition. However, not all facets herof are necessarily always tangible. Our architectural design will correspond with the project‘s business model and accentuate the usp. We strive to create an emotional bond between the circuit and it‘s various users. From a technical point of view, the specific building layout arrangements and dimensions have direct implications for the day to day operation. 

The coordination of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems for race related entities and the interfacing with the race electronics can be in some points challenging. With our experience gathered over the years in this field, we can pin point ways to optimize the energy demand and performances of the buildings. A sound basis to bring down operational and maintenance costs starts with proficient mep design.