Automotive test facilities

The construction of proving grounds and automotive testing facilities for the automobile and supplier industries implies complex and comprehensive planning methods. With our years of experience in the realization of proving grounds, whether smaller individual testing modules or large-scale testing grounds, you’ll be able to get exactly what you need - on budget and on time.   

Finding the right location

The very first step and at the same time a crucial factor for the outcome of your project is given with determining the right location for your venue. This is where we come in play: The topography, the shape of the plot, the existing infrastructure, the environmental issues and the adjacent developments will most definitely impact the layout of the test modules, the earthworks, the approval processes and the future operation of the project. To ensure your first step is a step towards success, we will thoroughly assess the locations. By doing so, you will know about the risks and opportunities from day one. This in turn will save you time and save you money over the course of the project.

User Support - Define your testing requirements

The design and successful realization of testing and proving grounds for many years now demonstrates that we have attained profound expertise in this special field. Our team of engineers will offer support in determining the user requirements, assisting your representatives in any way required and we can also introduce new testing approaches. 

Modular construction approach

Evidently, the automotive sector is driven by change, involving new developments and technologies at a rapid pace. “Autonomous”, “fully automated” and “connected” driving are in particular areas that play an essential role in today’s vehicular developments. What the future beholds in terms of testing requirements is difficult to forecast.  It is for this reason, that different areas are integrated into the design, which will allow for a flexible and feasible expansion of modules to cater for new requirements and future technologies.   

Our step by step planning approach also offers the advantage of fulfilling the current user requirements by early implementation of the urgently required modules. 

Innovative concepts through years of experience

We strive with every single of our projects to develop the ideal concept for each of our clients. To achieve this, we are continuously in direct contact with the user representatives to assure that requirements are set up on site with the utmost highest efficiency. Our approach will usually involve different concept variations as a discussion basis to weigh the pros and cons. Throughout the initial design stage, our team will constantly improve the concept until an optimum is reached in regard to user requirements, suitability for approvals and last but not least the cost implications.     

Cost-optimized planning

A cost-effective realization of a test and proving ground starts with selecting the right location. Thus, for example, the placement of large-scale modules on a topographically uneven plot (with many elevation changes) will significantly increase earthworks (cut and fill). However, a carefully chosen plot with the optimized position of the individual testing modules to each other will consequently bring down the construction costs. In addition, the user-based allocation of modules to each other allows to create synergies, reduces the connection paths and improves the later operation.

Risk & Safety Analysis

Road safety requirements derived from national codes will often not be able to meet the stringent requirements for specific testing modules. To increase the safety of the test drivers and operators, we make use of our special know-how from the race circuit designer’s perception. By using our specially developed "Risk & Safety Simulation", we can create an individual safety concept for each project. The work of our risk and safety experts at the start of projects proves to be extremely valuable, as this allows for a detection of potential dangers at an early stage. In this way, it is possible to depict both the design and operational solutions without inducing any larger additional costs.

For existing proving and testing facilities, we offer "Risk and Safety Analyses", consultation and reports in order to check and evaluate the current state of the safety technology. If an existing safety concept requires modifications (for example by shifting the guardrail, increasing the protection zones, etc.) our experts are always trying to implement innovative and tailored made solutions that will minimize your additional costs.


Of course your ideas and innovations will be treated confidentially and we guarantee absolute secrecy.