A legend amongst race tracks is most certainly the Hockenheimring. Constructed in 1932 as a relatively humble course through mainly unpaved forest paths, the Hockenheimring became known early on as a high-speed race track due to its long straights.

Over years the Hockenheimring was reconstructed and revamped several times, but it was at the turn of the millennium that our engineers and architects undertook the final modernisation of the circuit. Reconstruction was completed in 2002 and gave the Hockenheimring its current layout and by doing so permanently safeguarded the racetrack a grade 1 FIA homologation. 

The task was hereby clearly set: Maintain the characteristics of the track and raise the bar for the drivers, whilst always meeting today’s modern race circuit safety standards.

Shortening the lap length to around 4,574 km, which was obligatory due to environmental reasons, adapted the Hockenheimring to the requirements of modern motorsports. Tilke is also responsible for increasing the spectator capacity from 83,000 to 120,000 with the construction of a new gallery in the Motodrom and the construction of the Mercedes-Benz Grandstand.

One of the circuit’s current highlights can be seen as our merit: The combination of Parabolika-Curve followed by the Spitzkehre was a signature design element done by us. At the same time, classics like the 1965 built Motodrom and the Sachs-Curve were preserved and modernised.

Thus, the Hockenheimring is one of the best examples for a smooth transition between tradition and present. The outcome: The Hockenheimring is one of the most popular race tracks in the world for both spectators and drivers. Together with the Nürburgring, the Hockenheimring is a prime example of German race tracks with highest international standards and crucial influence on the Formula 1.

As like all German motorsports fans, the entire Tilke team is keen to witnessing the comeback of the Hockenheimring to the 2016 Formula 1 calendar.
As all German Motor Sports fans, the entire Tilke team is looking forward to the comeback of the Hockenheimring into the Formula 1 schedule for 2016.