Istanbul Park


Istanbul being a bridge between Europe and Asia has a distinct, symbolic meaning for motor racing. The Formula 1 has its roots in Europe but started to expand into Asia at the turn of the 21 century.  In this perspective, it would only be natural to also have a circuit in Istanbul with FIA homologation for category 1.

High-Speed Corners and Plenty of Straights: The Istanbul Park Circuit

The Istanbul Park Circuit has a capacity of up to 150.000 spectators and is a glaring example of the expansion of motor racing into new areas. Due to close proximity to one of the biggest cities worldwide, the circuit creates a lot of traction which is expected to attract wider popularity of Formula 1 & Co in the Near East and Central Asia.

The Istanbul Park Circuit was inaugurated in August 2005 and the race track in Tuzla on the Asian side of Istanbul was part of the Formula 1 schedule until 2011. Moto GP, the DTM and the LeMans series also took place in Istanbul because the diverse track design was ideal for all different kinds of vehicles.

The Istanbul Park Circuit is raced counterclockwise like the Circuit of The Americas in Austin. Aerodynamics play a very important role. The straights in the 5.3km long circuit are relatively short so that the 14 curves are even more significant.

Tilke’s Influence on the Istanbul Circuit/Istanbul Circuit Made by Tilke / Istanbul Shows the Way Tilke Works

In general, the design of corners is a central element of any racetrack. Key characteristic are the ‘M-combinations’ which feature a left-right-left sequence whereby drivers enter the first curve after the start finish line with around 200km/h. Thus, the Istanbul Park Circuit is a challenging and sophisticated racetrack based on solid planning that places high importance on safety measures.

Our architects continue to raise the bar as they already did in previous racetracks like Malaysia or Bahrain. Hence, the Istanbul Park Circuit is part of advanced racetracks worldwide, and is, due to its homologation, equally suitable for other race series as well.