Buddh International Circuit


Motor racing has made its way to the second largest country in the world. The very first Indian Formula 1 Grand Prix took place at the Buddh International Circuit near Delhi in October 2011. Two subsequent Grand Prix’s’ later it was clear that Tilke’s race track design is entertaining motor sport fans in India alike.

Lots of Curves and Lots of Variety – The Buddh International Circuit

Even before the actual race track planning started, the objective of the Buddh International Circuit was clear – namely to qualify for category 1 of the FIA Homologation. The Formula 1 was the main focus of the client, JPSK Sports Private Ltd. Tilke’s team implemented the necessary requirements in a professional and highly innovative fashion on a total area of 354 hectare. The outcome is a diverse race track of 5.1 km length with high-speed straights and challenging corners, homologized according to the FIA specifications for category 1. The circuit is fine-tuned to its infrastructure, which consists of the pit, the grandstand, medical facilities and the main-entrance building all built by Tilke.

Moreover, we have constructed a center for team building events and a driving school. In this way, we were able to support India’s aspiration to increase the popularity of motor racing at all levels.

The topographic conditions are a very interesting highlight of the Buddh International Circuit. Due to the hilly landscape the circuit is literally like a rollercoaster ride and makes the race track in the north of the country particularly challenging. Against this background, Tilke’s renowned safety concept plays an even more important role. As experience has shown since 2011, the installed track layout is just as suitable for Formula 1 test cars (bolides) as for superbikes.