Motorland Aragón (22.09.2016)

This weekend will see MOTOGP's 14th race of the season at the state of the art Motorland Aragón circuit near Alcañiz, Spain. The circuit, which was completed by Tilke in 2009, has a total length of 5.3 kilometers and comprises 18 curves. The race track has been awarded "Best Grand Prix" by the IRTA in its year of opening. We are looking forward to an exciting MOTOGP race.

Private tracks like Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit fill a need (15.08.2016)

Peter Trzewik, a partner in Gain, said initially they thought they would just lay out a circuit including replicas of some of their favourite corners from race tracks they had driven, and that would be that.

Then they thought — there are companies that design race tracks; why not inquire to see what professional help might offer?

So, they sent out requests to several track designers.

Initially, they figured there was no point in contacting Hermann Tilke. After all, they design most of the new Formula One race tracks; why would they be interested in a little project like this?

But, for the price of a postage stamp ...

You can find the whole article from here  

Welcome to Speed Island (14.07.2016)

Private racetrack Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit will put Canada on the motorsports map. Find here an article in Automobile about the new hotspot Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit.

Baku City Circuit: Designing F1's fastest street track (29.06.2016)

F1 track designer Hermann Tilke steers CNN through the process of turning Baku's streets into a 21st century street circuit with cars racing at 210 mph.

FIA MotorEx in Turin, Italy (20.06.2016)

We will be present at the FIA MotorEx in Turin, Italy tomorrow the 21st until 23rd of June 2016 and would be glad to welcome you!

Dr. Carsten Tilke will give a small lecture on the subject "Developing affordable & sustainable motor sport facilities through your ASN/ACN" on Wednesday morning the 22nd.